Some people have closets filled with new clothes that they don’t wear especially women. Others have desks covered with electronics that they never use. They keep buying clothes or electronics and always said that they don’t need them. Although, many people like to shop even for nothing. If someone is unable to control spending, he or she may be a shopping shopaholic because shopping may be seen as an amusing addiction and the fact is society does not always consider it as a serious problem.

  However, if this addiction is not treated, it can ruin person’s life. Some people get a natural high level of pleasure while shopping and feel in control of spending their money. These feelings could be signs of shopping addiction and it my appear to some that most women than men are affected by this addiction but current statistics shows that the percentage of men addicted to shopping is about the same as women. Even though that shopaholics excitement, they often feel depressed or guilty after spend more money than they have.

  Fortunately, shopping addicts should always take a friend along when they need to buy something because they overspend when they shop alone and it can cause personal and financial problems. Shopping should be a constructive activity and not a destructive one.



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