Digital ants and …

Digital “ants” is protecting some countries power grid from cyber-attacks. Programmed to wander networks in search of threats. When a digital ant designed to perform a task spots a problem, others rush to the location to do their own analysis. If operators see a swarm, they know there’s trouble.


New cars are truly connected to the world. They can communicate with traffic lights to improve traffic flow, interact with other vehicles to prevent accidents, let you drag and drop a playlist from your home network and find the gas station with the deepest discount and handle the payment. They can notify you when someone dents your door and supply footage of the incident.

 retina scan

After Apple, Google are designing face-recognition software . DARPA is researching the dynamics of keystrokes. Others are looking into retinal scans, voiceprints, and heartbeats. All these will happen very soon but the big question, who are we to disagree?


Data will be measured in zettabytes. According to the International Data Corporation, the volume of digital content created on the planet in 2010 exceeded a zettabyte for the first time in history. By the end of this year, the annual figure will have reached 2.7 zettabytes. What exactly does a zettabyte look like?



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