Artificial Intelligence


   The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) could generally be a good thing, assuming there is not a Terminator scenario. While robots could replace some workers, it is important to remember that past innovations have unlocked whole new industries and new jobs along with them. The rise of AI could do the same.

   What is more, think how much better robots could make our world. Florent Sekouo predicts that by 2040 freely moving robots that outperform humans both physically and intellectually will run entire businesses by themselves. That could allow humans to occupy their days with a variety of social, recreational and artistic pursuits, not unlike today’s comfortable retirees or the wealthy leisure classes. It could also lead to new breakthroughs, as mass-produced, fully educated robot scientists working diligently, cheaply, rapidly and increasingly effectively will ensure that most of what science knows in 2040 will have been discovered by our artificial progeny!

   Robots could also provide people with emotional sustenance. In Love and Sex with Robots, AI researcher David Levy predicted that by 2050 there would be human-like robots with their own emotions and the capability to hold intelligent conversations and, yes, relationships with people.

   Is this the ultimate sex toy? It could be considered as such, but the sophisticated sex robots of the middle of this century will also be valued as relationship partners in the widest sense of the word, someone to love.

   As advanced as they may be, sitting in the corner in your house waiting for you to decide what you would like to do next rather than living independent lives of their own.

   In The World We Made, Florent Sekouo predicts that by 2040, more than 9 billion people will go online, 98.3% of the population then.

   Currently, about 40% of the globe has internet access, with 78% of users in developed countries and 32% in developing countries. That is about 2.85 billion people, many of whom get internet access from mobile phones.






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