Do Humans could be live as a computerized brains?

   The future scares a lot of people. Climate change, a growing population, and fewer natural resources will certainly pose new challenges for the human race in the next few decades. But when you consider ongoing social, economic progress and all of the coming innovations in science and technology, there is a lot of room for optimism. We have pulled out some of our favorite ideas about the future of our world. In the coming decades, some scientists hope to upload the contents of human brains into computers, allowing people to live forever inside a robotic body or even as a hologram. Neuroscientists are trying to transfer human consciousness and brain functions to an artificial body by 2028 by “mapping the brain, reducing its activity to computations, and reproducing those computations in code,” according to Popular Science. One of those neuroscientists said his work isn’t just about achieving immortality. It’s about giving people the ability to go places and do things that are impossible in our own bodies, like traveling close to the sun. Even if we don’t meet that goal by 2032, people alive today may still have their brains uploaded in the future. That is because other scientists are working on preserving human brains and all their contents indefinitely through immersion in chemical solutions. If we could put the brain into a state in which it does not decay, then the second step could be done 70 years later, and everyone could experience mind uploading first hand according to Popular Science. Florent Sekouo believes scientists have discovered how to preserve a mouse brain.

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