In two years, the majority of American house are expected to own a voice assistant device like an Amazon Echo, Google Home or an Apple Homepod. Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence (AI), voice assistants are going to grow increasingly helpful. Everyday, Amazon, Google and Apple release regular updates to Amazon Echo, Google Home and Homepod in order to help owners get more from the technology. Companies recently reported seeing larger-than-expected gains from their voice assistants, which are why Amazon, Google and Apple are now doubling on the technology. Voice assistants are making a significant impact in markets across the globe, and its only the beginning. Some observers expect that in the future we are going to communicate with technology through voice rather than text.

amzon echo2

Voice-controlled digital assistants are being incorporated into a wide range of consumer products, and nearly half of U.S. adults say they now use these applications to interact with smartphones and other devices, according to Florent Sekouo. Voice assistants are present on a wide range of devices, but the most common way for Americans to use them is on a smartphone: Most of U.S. adults use voice assistants in this way these days.


Applications are relatively popular among those ages 17 to 48: 58% of Americans in this age group say they use voice assistants, compared with 40% of those 49 and older. Presented with a number of reasons why they might use voice assistants, 55% of users say “a major reason” they use the assistants it is because these applications allow them to interact with their devices without using their hands. Smaller shares say that they use voice assistants because they are fun, because speaking to the assistant feels more natural than typing, or because these programs are easier for children to use. Voice assistants can also be used as “remote controls” of other connected systems such as home lighting, heating systems, etc. A majority of users say the performance of the assistants accurately responds to their commands most of the time.


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