Morning routine by 2026

You are just waking up in the spring of 2026. Your Internet of Things bedroom opens solar powered e-windows and plays gentle music while your smart lighting displays a montage of beachfront sunrises from your recent vacation. Your shower uses very water and soap. It recycles your grey water and puts the excess heat back into your home’s integrated operating system. While you dress, your artificial intelligence (AI) assistant shares your schedule for the day and plays your favorite tunes.

You start your day with coffee or tea but it comes from you’re the refrigerator which is capable of providing a coffeehouse or teahouse experience in your home. A hot breakfast tailored to your specific nutritional needs is waiting for you in the kitchen. When it’s time to leave, an on-demand transport system has four cars waiting for you, your spouse and your kids. On the road, driverless cars and trucks move with mathematical precision, without traffic jams, routine maintenance or road rage. Accident rates are near zero . . .

This is the future life routine and it will be here sooner than you think.

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