This is amazing


   What comes to your mind when someone talks about technology? New computers, smart phones, gadgets, etc. Is that all?

   No, it is not. Today, we are surrounded by technological evolutions which encompass every aspect of our life. Need to talk to people? Get on with your phone, use WhatsApp, Hike, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Need to know about something? Google it. Need to locate something? GPS, Google Maps is going to help. Need to go somewhere? Use public or private transport. Need to apply for a job? Use email, or online portals. There isn’t a single aspect of our life where we don’t take the guidance of technology. But what about new technologies that is more amazing than the normal ones? What about the most amazing technologies in the world? here, we have three most amazing technologies at the moment.

. Graphene

   Graphene is completely revolutionizing technology. Created at the University of Manchester, UK, graphene is a layer of graphite that is one atom thick. It is very strong, an excellent conductor of heat & electricity and is predicted to transform mobile devices. Imagine a flexible cellphone or tablet. The Gates Foundation has given $100,000 to research the development of a super thin and durable condom made of latex and graphene. It is also being tried to use it over the metal shield of various transport vehicles to increase their durability. Research is also being conducted to use it in making supercomputers of much lesser length due to its conduction properties. This is one of the most amazing technologies believed to revolutionize the tech world in a couple of decades.

. Brain Mapping

   Neuroscientists have worked for decades to better understand how the brain functions. Recent advances in brain mapping technology have made that ambitious task easier. An international team of researchers at the Human Brain Project have created a three-dimensional atlas of the brain. The maps resolution is fifty times better than previous efforts. The atlas creators digitally stitched together thousands of brain cross-sections. The map shows details up to 20 micrometers in size—the estimated size of many human cells. While this is a huge advancement, scientists still aim to create a map that shows details at 1 or 2 micrometers, rather than 20.

   . Genome Editing

Researchers in China created a pair of monkeys with specific genetic mutations. The scientists used a new method of DNA engineering known as CRISPR which allows scientists to modify fertilized eggs. This innovation has great implications for the field of biomedicine. The ability to alter DNA at specific locations on chromosomes makes it easier to study diseases. Researchers at MIT have expressed interest in studying brain disorders like autism and Alzheimer’s disease. CRISPR has the potential to aid researchers studying such ailments, allowing them to identify what genetic mutations actually cause the disorders. This is indeed a great achievement because if we know the source genes, we could actually treat these problems in a much better way.


   Those were the Amazing Technologies. If you know about some amazing technologies, please share them with us.


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