Top 13 things you should do during summer


   Spring is almost done, summer is going to be here soon, and you may plan or not how you are going to enjoy it. Schools and colleges are going to be out, the weather is going to be warm, pools are going to be open every day, etc. A lot of people love summer but ultimately end up doing the same old things. Why not make this summer a little different? Here are some awesome things you should do during this summer time! Some people like the spring season but Others no. I don’t fall into either of those categories.

   They may enjoy it for the first few weeks, maybe even a month, but after that you’re basically waiting for summer to come around. Spring is a great season… but only once it starts to feel a bit more like summer. Early spring is still chilly and rainy. However, once it starts to get warmer outside and the sun starts to really shine, we are happy. Summer is to be enjoyed. If you don’t enjoy summer while it is around, then you are really doing yourself an injustice. Find some time to enjoy your summer and take a lot of photos because those memories are very important to remember during winter or the end of the year. Here are 13 things you may want to consider:

1. Go for a run or a bike

   Obviously, depending on where you live, you may be getting more summer than you hoped for. If you live in a slightly less intense climate, going for a run or bike ride in the summer is as good as it gets. I suggest running/biking somewhere around the city. It’s bright enough for you to still see and you will get a nice breeze going your way.

2. Go to beach

   Last year, I told myself that I will make a trip out to the beach every two weeks… I didn’t go once. I know you know that going to the beach in the summer is a good idea, you really have to do it to have fun. It is one thing to promise yourself like I have and it is another to actually force yourself to go. You will be thankful you did. Go to the beach!!! Beaches and summer go together like fashion and anorexia; you really can’t have one without the other. Let the sun delete  two years off of your hard work and stress, leave feeling like a baked clam who just took two muscles relaxers. 

3. Spend time with a lover outside

This could mean doing whatever, if you catch our drift. Everyone should enjoy the outdoors in the summer. Why? Because you can. . . Don’t be shy.

4. Have a barbecue

  Invite your family and friends. Invite your neighbors. Invite a lot of people. If you do not have a grill then buy one of those small and cheap ones. Sure, it may take a while to cook dinner, but beer is best served cold. Let’s be honest, Barbecues are really just excuses to get together and drink during the day. Fire up the grill and the smoker because it is summer! There is no better time to have a BBQ and invite your friends, neighbors, and family. It is a fun time and it is a great way to bond with the people you care about. BBQ is also delicious and with all of the other activities you will be doing, it will be easy to keep the weight off too.

5. People watching.

   Summertime is far the best time to people watch. Why? Because everyone is half naked especially women. I am always amazed by how many beautiful women there are in the world. As soon as the clothes come off, all the pretty people look so much hotter. Unfortunately, this works the other way for those not so pleasant looking people . . .

6. Connect with your real-life.

   Everyone is on the Internet these days. Some people will keep their face pointed directly at their phones even when they are outside. Sometime this summer, make sure you set the phone down, step away from the computer, and experience life without the Internet. Make sure you stop by and see your family and friends, do things that you used to do before the Internet became a dominant force in our lives. Your brain will thank you because sometimes, you just have to get away from the any device.

7. Walk somewhere.

   We have legs that we are using less and less these days. Do your body, your cardiovascular system, and your health a favor and pound some pavement this summer. Find a park or a trail and walk around. If you live close enough, hoof it to your local shopping center. Whatever it is, just get off your behind and walk around outside for a while. Did we mention that the sun gives away free vitamin D?

8. Try something you have never tried before.

   When we were kids, summer was the time of exploration. We took the time off of school to try a lot of new things and begin to compile the experiences that would eventually become treasured memories. Why does it have to stop now that we are grown up? There are a lot of things left to experience and you have three whole months to do them! Go skydiving or water skiing. Take a road trip to a place you have never been before. The possibilities are endless and they will be your treasured memories years from now.

9. Relax on vacation.

   This one is self explanatory but nevertheless it is important. The routine of day-to-day life can be stressful. Going on vacation allows you to get away from all the stress of your every day life. You can decompress, recharge, and give yourself a mental and emotional makeover. It also does not hurt that vacations are fun.

10. Go hiking and camping.

   Enjoying the great outdoors is always a good suggestion. Grabbing the old tent and sleeping bag, trekking out to the middle of nowhere, and sleeping there can be a liberating and refreshing experience. You will be away from civilization, away from the Internet, and bonding with nature. It is great exercise too!

11. Volunteer.

   It is never too late to help those in need or to volunteer in places around your community. Volunteer to be a life guard or to help clean up trash out of your local parks and woods. It is your community, so why not help keep it safe and clean? We are sure your local church and school have an activity list long enough to fill your entire summer.

12. Visit the zoo.

   Going to the zoo can be a fun activity, even if you are an adult. You can visit the animals and learn a little bit about wildlife. If you have kids then this is practically a mandatory event. There is practically an entire day’s worth of activities to take part in and going to the zoo is not all that expensive either.

 13. Watch a sunset from an epic location.

   Everywhere is within an hour of a great spot to watch a sunset. You may have hills in your area that you can climb where you can watch the sunset over your town. You may live near a beach where you can watch it happen over water. Sunsets are among the most popular computer and cell phone backgrounds ever because they are absolutely gorgeous. You have seen the high resolution photos, but there really is nothing like experiencing the real thing.


   There are a lot of things to do during summer time, but the important thing is to enjoy as you can before summer end.


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