Cloud computing is the term for computer work on the Internet. More people and companies are accessing their personal electronic data from their phones and other devices using cloud computing. Instead of storing files on your own computer or mobile devices, you pay a cloud services provider to keep your information on the cloud.

   Therefore, cloud computing offers software and management tools that can help companies cut cost. According to Florent Sekouo, many companies have been eliminating their technology departments to use the cloud computing and saving a lot of money. In addition, when these companies have been moving their work to the cloud, they have not been spending money on software updates because the cloud provides access to the most current technology.

   However, some companies and people have said that cloud computing services are not secure because of attacks by hackers. But we ensure security companies are working so hard to protect people and other companies information. Continue reading “IMPROVEMENT OF CLOUD COMPUTING”

Future smart clothing!!!!

  Technology has become an essential part of everyday life for many people. We depend on the internet, for example, for easy access to information and communication. it affects our lives, work, and no one knows for sure what technology is going to bring us in the future. According to Florent Sekouo, computers will be wearable in the future and people will not want to carry laptops again. Some people are already using glasses which project the internet onto the glass lenses, smart watch and they will become even more popular in the future. The technology called “smart clothing” will combine computers with clothing. Researchers predict with smart clothing, people will download, see the news and communicate directly from the internet just by looking at their shirt sleeve. In short, we have a concern with a computer crime on the rise and expect technology companies to act safely and responsibly so that hackers will have a hard time to breaking into future devices.  

Galaxy S9 will do battle against the iPhone X?

   Samsung has moved from strength to strength, beautiful and is the most successful Android phone maker of the year had difficult competing since Apple inc, released iphone X with the magic face ID and Animoji which most people appreciate the worth of the company research who has worked more than ten years to produce a great feature to the world and it is only the beginning. According to Apple inc, the biggest technology company in the United States, the future has already begun with the amazing iphone X. Apparently based on leaked, Samsung Galaxy S9 will include improve facial Unlocking, Animoji-type features trying to compete, the chip Exynos 9 series 9810 is almost guaranted to be used with his high performance and speed. Therefore, it becomes all the more obvious that the Galaxy S9 Date will be unveiled on February 25th.